Adoption FAQ for Birth Families

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Adoption is one way you can show love for your baby and secure their future. We are here to listen, explore your options, and answer your questions, one at a time.

Answers to Your Questions

Why do people make adoption plans for their children?

Some birth parents choose adoption because they feel they are not ready to be parents and want their children to have two parents who are financially, emotionally, and physically stable to raise a child. The birth mother may not have support from the baby's father, or limited or no support from family members or friends. Many women who choose adoption are already parenting. Others have chosen adoption because they want to pursue their educational or career goals, or their lifestyle isn't conducive for raising a child. To put it simply, birth parents love their children and want to give them the best life possible. Adoption is a selfless act, and a way for birth mothers to show the utmost love for their child.

Do only teenagers make adoption plans?

No. We have worked with women of all ages. Age is only one factor for birth parents to consider when deciding if they are ready to parent.

Can I change my mind?

Yes, you can change your mind. However, you are unable to revoke your adoption plan after participating in the voluntary termination of parental rights court hearing.

What is the birth father’s role?

We strongly encourage and welcome birth fathers to be involved in counseling, as well as adoption planning. However, for some birth mothers, involving the birth father may not be possible. Individual circumstances with the birth father will be discussed with your social worker.

What if the adoptive family doesn’t live up to the communication agreement?

The adoption social worker will focus on developing and facilitating the relationship between the birth parents and the adoptive family to build a foundation for years to come. If either the birth parents or adoptive family do not fulfill the agreement, we will attempt to mediate the situation and find satisfactory solutions for everyone.

What if I don’t want an open adoption?

Fully open adoptions are not right for everyone. We assist you in making the best adoption plan based on your individual circumstances. 

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